Refer & Earn campaign organized by d-Kocek to give reward for referrer and referred user for every successful referral to Go Premium d-Kocek account.
Share your coupon code with new d-kocek geng and get a RM5 reward.


Sign Up & Get Your Code

Step 1

On menu selection, choose “Apply Now

Step 2

Click on “Individual

Step 3

Choose package “Go Premium” then click on “Apply Now

Step 4

Choose your citizenship

Step 5

Click “Yes / No” then click “Next

Step 6

Read “Term & Condition” Then tick the agree box and click “Next

Step 7

Read the details then scroll down

Step 8

Click “Pay Now

Step 9

If you have a refer code, click the link

Step 10

Enter the refer code and click “Apply Coupon

Step 11

Fill in all the details needed

Step 12

Tick the box to create your refer & earn account then create your username and password.

Step 13

Select the bank account for your payment the click “Pay Now

Step 14

Fill in all the details needed

Step 15

Read the agreement then click “Yes / No” and click “Submit

Step 16

Your registration is completed. Click “Sign Up / Login Now” button to open your refer & earn portal

Step 17

In “Subscription” page, you can see the last payment you made. Scroll down and click “Coupon” to get your refer code

Step 18

Copy the coupon code and share it through your social media such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

Step 19

In “Statistics” page, you can track and view your earnings

Step 20

In “Referrals” page, you can track the total of your referrals

Step 21

In “Payouts” page, you can see the details of your earnings

Step 22

In “Settings” page, you can update your email address.

Step 23

In “Terms & Conditions” page, you can view the rules stated

Step 24

In “Account Details” page, you can updates your personal detail or even update your portal password

Sign Up Refer & Earn

Exclusive for d-Kocek Geng

Registration d-Kocek Geng

Verification Information

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

        Slide to the left to get the last 4 digit Visa Number

Step 4

Login Details

Without SSM Registration (Individual)

Without SSM Registration (Individual)

Sole Proprietor / Partnership

Sole Proprietor / Partnership

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