T&C (refer & earn)

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn campaign organized by d-Kocek to give reward for referrer and referred user for every successful referral to Go Premium d-Kocek account.

Share your referral code with new d-kocek geng and get a RM5 reward.

Read the Term and Condition Requirement.

  1. Campaign Period : For first 3000 thousand d-Kocek user
  2. Product : Go Premium
  3. Campaign Promotion : Referrer RM5 (subject to change)
  4. Requirement :
  •   Referrer means someone who already sign-up as d-Kocek Premium account and made a referral to d-Kocek.

5.     How referrals work?

Refer d-kocek geng

The referrer share their referral code with their friends or family (referred)

Follow along

The referred successfully sign up and upgrade to Premium account

Earn reward

Referrer will earn RM5 reward for every successful referral. Referred will earn RM5 as a cashback

6.   When the reward credited?

Monday – Sunday1 WeekEvery Tuesday (working day)

a.    Reward will be disbursed once referred successfully sign-up and upgrade to Premium account.

b.    Reward will be credited to your d-Kocek account automatically on a weekly basis.

c.    Reward will be credited on every Tuesday. If the Public Holiday falls on Tuesday, then the reward will be credited to the next working day.

d.    The reward cannot be exchange with others gifts/others monetary values.

7.  Exclusion Criteria

a.  Referrer who does not meet the requirement are not eligible to receive the reward.

b.  Company are reserves the right to disqualify or withdraw or terminate the referrer and/or referral if found of any fraud activities or misrepresentation.

8.  FAQ

a. Who can I refer?
You can refer to anyone who’s are new to d-Kocek, even if they are already sign-up as a basic and advance account.

b.  When do I earn my reward?
d-Kocek will credit the reward on a weekly basis for every successful referral.

c.  How many referrals can I make?
You can share your referral code with no limit at the time being subject to first 3000 user. Any changes or amend will be notify by d-Kocek.

Without SSM Registration (Individual)

Without SSM Registration (Individual)

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Sole Proprietor / Partnership

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