Static QR Code

Receive payment via QR code instead of POS terminal. More efficient and effectiveness and no maintenance cost.

Manage Transaction

Merchants are able to monitor and manage transaction 24/7 at any time and anywhere:

Here what merchant can do at portal:

  1. View and extract sales transaction report by day or month.
  2. Apply filter for the sales transaction based on the transaction type (completed, settled, void or refund)
  3. Able to void the transaction. User can receive their fund back into their d-Kocek™. Void can only be performed on the same day as the transaction.

Manage Disbursement

Merchants are able to search the disbursement transaction by date and can check the status of the disbursement.

Settlement Report

All transaction is automatically settles each end day. Merchant will get settlement report at 01:00 am on the next day via email.

Manage Refund

Merchants are able to manage for refund transaction if customer return back the goods purchased goods due to damage or defect.

Portal User

Merchant can add more user to manage merchant portal. There are several different roles and responsibilities for each role.