Fees & Charges

Description Fees charged 
Joining Fee Basic : FOC Advance & Premium: Inclusive for Paradiselinx Community Program Members
Maintenance Fee RM 2.00 per month (the fee will only be imposed if there is no transaction performed during the month)
ATM Withdrawal Fee Local Overseas
RM 2.00 per transaction RM 10.00 per transaction, or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher.
Visa Overseas Transaction Fees The foreign exchange conversion rate determined by Visa International Ltd + 1% on the transaction amount
Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM 15.00 per copy
Card Replacement Fee RM 10.00
Reload Channels Per Transaction Basis 
FPX free of charge
Debit Card free of charge
Credit Card Coming Soon
Agent Top-up RM 2

Without SSM Registration (Individual)

Sole Proprietor / Partnership

Sdn. Bhd.